Heavyweight Bout: City Manager vs Strong Mayor

In November the citizens of Tulsa will be asked to decide between the City’s current “Strong Mayor” form of government and the “City Manager” style used by cities such as OKC. Two complicated systems the citizens know little about, steeped in controversy.

How do we separate the politics from the policy? We invite the experts!

The architect of our current City Government, Former Mayor Roger Randle and Former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys will go one-on-one to help you understand the ins-and-outs of both forms of government.

Is our City fine the way it is? Will changing fix the problems in City Hall? We hope that in the end, you will be prepared to decide the City’s future.


When: Friday, September 16th, 5:30pm

Where: TCC Metro Philips Auditorium (9th & Cincinatti)

Cost: Free

Have questions for the speakers? Submit them in advance to: info@tulsanow.org

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