TulsaNow 2.0

At the turn of the century, Tulsa’s historical buildings were being lost, major capital improvements plans were failing, and poor development practices were common. Employers and younger Tulsans were finding their futures in other towns. However, Tulsa had many strong assets and concerned citizens who could see the potential that Tulsa had. In February 2001, a group of those citizens got together in what would be the first meeting of what became TulsaNow.

TulsaNow became an organization focused on promoting historic preservation, adaptive reuse, smart development, better zoning, and strategic capital investment. For about a decade and a half, TulsaNow ran programs and events to educate citizens and promote these ideals.

For the last few years, TulsaNow has been relatively silent but things will soon be changing… and you can be involved.

TulsaNow will be relaunching in January 2019 with new leadership, new programs and new goals. More details coming soon.